About Us

Stop Syar Expansion is an unincorporated, non-profit citizen action group approved by the California Secretary of State and registered with the Federal Government.

Stop Syar Expansion is focused on defending citizens rights through the legal process. After much research and with the advice of experts, we have concluded the County’s judgment and objectivity have been compromised, rendering the Syar EIR so fundamentally inadequate and conclusory as to preclude meaningful public review and comment in violation¬†of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

We are reaching out to the community, so, together, we can (1) stop the expansion of Syar’s mining operation into Napa’s Agricultural Watershed, and (2) stop Syar’s uncontrolled toxic pollution potentially harming the health of everyone¬†living in, working in, and visiting the Napa region. The air we breath is being poisoned.

Let’s all stand together to demand, and legally secure, clean air and a healthy environment for everyone in Napa Valley.